D'Lannie recently just did a campaign for a documentary film called "Lost In America", helping children and adults from all around America come off the streets.

D'Lannie born on (August 26th, 1994) has been doing music since she was six years old. Raised in a tight ethnic Family in Dallas Texas; D'Lannie now '21' has managed to squeeze herself into the hardest industry to get into.

D'Lannie has always had a special passion for Urban/R&B Music. Growing up she listened to artists such as: Aaliyah, Selena, Michael Jackson, Pink,Britney Spears, Beyonce, Prince, Jay-z, and Kanye West. She takes inspiration from her passion in each beat that she hears, and turns it in to a wonderful piece of her own. Growing up D'Lannie did not have it very easy, She grew up in a small town where the kids at school treated her differently. She was into music, most kids were into playground time. D'Lannie was pulled from school at the age of thirteen to pursue her music career and really get things going on the road. "It was hard growing up being an outcast" - Says D'Lannie , "But in only inspired me more with my writing".

D'Lannie has a special bond with her fans, A.K.A. (Laneys) OR (Lane-Oh!s), and always says that the love she feels from everyone is incredible, and they inspire her to write and continue doing what she loves to do.D'Lannie has managed to grow not only as an artist, but as an amazing young woman;There is always something new going on in her world. Between the crazy traveling, performing, coming up tours and showcases, She will manage to always stay humbled and will never forget where she came from.


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